Dream to Drive, Drive to Dream ™

Tribute Truck to George Barris
Featuring: A-Team Van, Batmobile, General Lee, Green Hornet, Herbie the Love Bug, Monkee Mobile, Monster Koach, Starksy & Hutch

When he designed it, he didn't know it was a Tribute Truck for him, but when done and put together, he teared up.

- Kandy Apple Blue
- Barris Yellow Pearl
- A Roadster Pick-Up 100%
- “No Top’’ Chopped Windshield
- Ground effects flames down both sides.
- Hand made wood floor in bed
- Smooth tailgate with a mural of pretty girl walking out of water
- Flipped hood with mural of George Barris “Autographed”
- 1915 Repo tail lights
- Blue neon lights all the way around under body
- Pop doors
- Alarm
- CD Player
- 10 Disc changer

Very fun to drive and show!

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